"Return To The DubStation 返嗒" is the sixth album from Hong Kong collective Celestial 天上, in which they go back to their roots, for another taste of the sounds that got them excited at the outset. 

"I just felt an irrational longing for the twangy spring reverbs and deep space phased echoes of my youth" says the driving force behind the group, Peter Millward. 

"These days the technology just doesn't excite any more - so what better direction to go for inspiration than backwards? Back to the Future!"​

The album features a combination of brand new compositions, and previous Celestial tracks that have been re-recorded in full Dubly. Many of the usual collaborators are here again: Hsin Hsiao Hung on Erhu, Eugene Pao on guitar; Sunny Yeung on Shakuhachi; Nigel Wightman on Trombone; Adrian Da Silva and Ela R. Alegre on vocals; plus new contributors - Japanese fine artist Hisaki Yasuda provides Kora, the African Harp, with his compatriot and friend Kana Kobayashi on vocals; also from Germany, the poignant chromatic harmonica of Jens Bunge; and the beating heart of Hong Kong DrumJam, Kumi Masunaga, on percussion.


The sleeve has screen-printed by hand somewhere in a decaying street market by our good friends at, and, like the music, it is also heavily influenced by the brash punk/dub ethos of the late '70s - as a reflection of that, it is LP size, i.e. 12" x 12" - and good enough to hang on a wall.






Return To The DubStation

Kulanjan Dub

Cang Ding Dub

Beautiful Day Dub

Plum Crazy Dub

Miniamba Dub

Empty Chair Dub

Mika's Dub

Ghost Dub

Insomniac Dub

Trans-Mongolian Dub

Magic Dub

San An

Composer/Producer : 
Peter Millward
Sat, 01 Feb 2014
Hisaki Yasuda - Kora
Kana Kobayashi - vocals
Ela R Alegre - Vocals
Eugene Pao 包以正 - Guitar
Sunny Yeung - Shakuhachi
Hsin Hsiao Hung 辛小紅- Erhu
Jens Bunge - Harmonica
Adrian Da Silva - Vocals
Kumi Masunaga - Percussion
Nigel Wightman - Trombone